Health Action International (HAI) is a non-profit, independent expert network working in the complex and dynamic field of medicines policy.  HAI’s core goals are to increase access to essential medicines and improve the rational use of medicines. To meet these goals, and ultimatelty improve health for all, it is essential to establish, maintain and share a strong knowledge base with our growing global network to enhance collaboration and policy change advocacy. Moreover, there is a need to raise awareness amongst policy makers, academics, healthcare professionals and students about the public health implications of the medicines market.

HAI started the A-Z Project in 2009 to address the need for a source of knowledge on the politics of medicine. Our initial goal was to publish a hardcover book; however, financial, and other, obstacles prevented us from doing so. We then resurrected the project in early 2012, but this time, created a free, online Politics of Medicines encyclopaedia.

The Politics of Medicines website has several advantages: it is cheaper to develop and much more interactive than a book. Given that the complex world of medicines is continually dynamic, the website also allows us to add new, or revise existing, articles.

The website is, of course, not yet complete, but in the coming weeks, months and years, we will be adding more articles. If you would like to contribute to this encyclopaedia by sending website or topic suggestions, writing an article, or making a financial donation, please contact us.